My work says a lot about me. I'm passionate about all I do.

Having a tangible track record accompanied by the willingness to show it allows me to share past experiences in order to gain new ones. Please take a look at some of the design projects I have been honored to be part of.



Royl.Me is the consumer side of Loyl.Me’s two sided platform. Royl.Me is a disruptive addition to the loyalty space. Customers are able to put the power of loyalty transactions right in the palm of their …


RC Services

RC Services is a specialty insurance adjustment and investigation company providing at a moments notice, customized handling of on scene responses.

They were in dire need of a website facelift. So, my phone rang and I …


Scottsdale Salon Studios

What does a happy client/salon owner do when she buys a building and starts a salon studio space? She calls me in to create her new site for her new business.

Be sure to swing by …


Exchange Tavern

Not only am I a huge fan of the amazing Exchange Tavern, but I’m also the lucky one who got to create their website. More restaurant searches are done on mobile devices than from computers, …



Computer Aided Detection (CAD) for Mammography is what AccuDetect does. When using AccuDetect, radiologists reading digital mammograms have an 18.8% increase in the detection of cancers (that were initially missed and only recognized with CAD …


SottoPelle Doctors

SottoPelle is the world leader in HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). They pioneered the most advanced technology to deliver the proper hormone dosage by inserting bio-identical sub-dermal hormones pellets that release over time. Quite amazing I …


Marion St Tattoo

The amazing artists down at Marion Street Tattoo asked me to make them a site. Funny how a group of artist ask me to create my version of art for them Very cool.

I …


Convenience Store App

This concept is to bring digital punch cards to convenience stores. Buy 10 get 1 FREE!

Technology implementation across multiple POS systems is various merchant locations brings quite a challenge. Our solution is to remove the …



LassoTag uses a Bluetooth connection between a phone or tablet and a small tracking fob to alert users when the connection has been lost. Never again walk away from your valuables when you have LassoTag.

I …



red+suisse is an electric cigarette company needing full branding and identity created for them. This is an store POP poster for red+suisse. I also created the Logo for this company.


T-ACO Colorado

Yummy – yummmy – yummmmy! Just take a look at the photos on this site and you’ll get a visit from Dr. Pavlov! This site is for a two location restaurant in the greater Denver …


Dorchester Design Logo

This logo was created for my design company I ran a few years back. Biz was rocking and then I got eaten up by the corporate giant, so off to the 8-7 gig I went. …


SottoPelle Therapy

SottoPelle is the world premiere in HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). They created the most advanced method to deliver the proper hormone dosage by inserting bio-identical sub-dermal hormones pellets that release precise dosage over time.

This …


Nissan DP GT-R

What does a car manufacturer do when they need an idea of what one of their cars might look like as a Daytona Prototype? Well, they call me. I had the privilege of transforming their …


Scottsdale Salon Studio Logo

This logo design is part of Scottsdale Salon Studio’s branding/identity and web creation for their new biz.


Great Lengths AZ

This is Tabu Salon’s sister site to help promote their use of Great Lenghts hair extensions.


ProfitStreams V2

As Creative Director for ProfitStreams I was responsible for the entire outward facing corporate look and marketing materials. My marketing team and I created this upgrade to our corporate website. This new responsive site …

After Photoshop

Konig Wheels

Fun little side project to try and win some free rims for my ride! I spent an evening working on this entry and totally transformed the car for a custom look. Too bad I didn’t …


Delphi Partners Logo

The Delphi Partners logo was made for them as their first logo. This logo’s icon has a metaphor of holding hands nurturing the growth of the partners symbolized as the leaves of the tree. …



Parascript does intelligent document recognition. Any document – any data – any type. I was in charge of creating their new website. Along with my virtual marketing team, we created Parascript’s new site. I …


Port Segur

Bespoke men’s clothing calls for a wonderful site to match. Port Segur takes the time out of getting your custom tailored men’s clothing. Once you are fitted, at home, all you need to do is …


Indy Cars

Over the years I’ve designed over 1000 race cars. This gallery is some of the Indy cars I was lucky to work with. Take a look around and enjoy. Let me know if you recognize …


Marion Street Tattoo

Here’s one of the logo concepts I created for Marion Street Tattoo. We ended up going a different route, but this was a lot of fun. There’s a rabbit that lives under their building and …


Chronic Pain USA

I had the pleasure of working with the renowned Jeffrey Johnson to create his new personal brand. This website is his outlet to the world, where he’s able to help others when he’s not in …


I made this little VW CC forum one night right after I purchased my VW CC. It was a lot of fun putting this together. Not bad getting a forum up in just …


Delphi Partners

Delphi Partners is a unique company that uses amazing sales and training techniques to help its partners achieve greater success.

This website was created to grab the attention of those looking to partner and also as …


ProfitStreams V1

As Creative Director for ProfitStreams I was responsible for the entire outward facing corporate look and marketing materials. Along with my marketing team, I created this upgrade to our corporate website. This site …


Daytona Prototypes

Grand-Am Daytona Prototypes are some really fun cars to watch on the track and also to design. These designs were originally created for sponsorship proposals. Over the years, many of these designs have actually seen …


EDEM BulkSim China

This project was very interesting to say the least. Along with my virtual marketing team, I created this site for DEM Solutions’s EDEM BulkSim to be in China.

This project included translation of the original …



These business cards are part of a whole business in a box project I did with the great guys over at Build-A-Head. This was step two of our relationship that went on to create their …



Nothing like NASCAR and nothing like a few designs to go with them either. I was fortunate enough to have one of my NASCAR paint schemes live a long and fruitful life. Thanks Smith …


Tabu Salon

As one of the premier salons in Scottsdale, Tabu Salon is dedicated to superior hair color and the application of Great Lengths Hair Extensions in AZ – including Scottsdale and Phoenix.

Whether you dream of being …


Grand-AM GT

I love these cars! These are basically street cars that have been modified for competition. There are some that are purpose built, however this is the closest thing to the street that you’ll see on …


Deft Pixels

Any designer should always be learning and practicing. I like to do online tutorials to keep my skills honed and fresh. These logos were made doing just that. So have a look and enjoy some …



This is one of the looks I created for the website. Over the years I did three design overhauls. I worked with eufora over 15,000 hours in around a decade of service.



How are you going to move all these cool race car designs around? Easy…in a really cool transporter. These things are mobile bill boards for your company. Let everyone on the highway soak up your …


Grace Communities

I worked with Grace Communities to overhaul their entire portfolio of websites for each of their construction projects. In total, there were over 10 properties that I worked on. Grace Communities is know for …


Playboy Racing

What a fun time this whole thing was. Not only did I get to create the website, but I also got to participate at almost every race for many years. Oh the days …


Here’s another fun little car forum I setup after I purchased a Subaru STI. I love making these forums about cars I love when I get them. This little project had a fun life of …


Bluetooth Wiz

Bluetooth Wiz was a website project for a company specializing in sending out technicians to your home or office to setup your car’s bluetooth connection with your mobile devices. They also programmed garage door opener …


ISO 4 Less

Looking for ISO certification? My friends over at Neynaber & Associates can do ISO 4 Less! They have you covered if you need management system consulting, internal audits or supplier assessments.


Lotus of Scottsdale

Working with Scottsdale Lotus over the years was a real treat. I got to see a lot of really amazing cars and meet some really cool people too. My first site with Scottsdale Lotus …


Jennifer Constantine

Man…Does this gal rock! Many thanks to Jennifer Constantine for all the wonderful collaborative work we’ve done over the years. Be sure to find one of her albums and hear an amazing singer!


Korn Kard

At Eufora, we mocked up a partner program with the ever famous band Korn. Korn was going to have their own prepaid card with their band’s logo to give them the ability to have all …


Miska’s Salon

Be sure to drop by Miska’s salon on High St in Phoenix if you ever need Hair Extensions or a cut and color. Missy will take super good care of you.


Mosquito Rojo Tequila

Whew…no worm! Mosquito Rojo Tequila came to me to make a fun little splash site to showcase their international tequila. Yummy spirits and fun times with this team. Thanks for all!


Set Jet

Set Jet is a private aviation company out of Scottsdale AZ. I built this site to enable people to see what’s going on over at Set Jet. Be sure to look for flight …


Cindy’s Makin Faces

Looking for a great esthetician in the Phoenix or Scottsdale area? If you are, be sure to book an appointment with Cindy over at Cindy’s Makin Faces.


Strongbox CD

Check out my first venture ever. I was the industrial designer on this project as well as a partner. We made CD cases that had tabs that didn’t break off! Pretty cool right. …