Jeff Dorchester

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I’m a driving force behind creative visions coming to life.

As a seasoned Creative Director and Industrial Designer, I bring my style and abilities to work for many clients as a consultant and as an entrepreneur starting up a new company – Loyl.Me. I provide specialized abilities by applying my diverse skill sets and experiences to a wide array of necessary practices critical for allowing businesses to succeed in today’s world.

I have over two decades of experience working across numerous industry sectors including automotive, financial, healthcare, SaaS, real estate, retail products and more. I work wonders leveraging emerging technologies, web site design, user interface design, e-commerce platforms, traditional print media and more into outward facing masterpieces with a proven track record of market effectiveness.

My designs and I have been featured in publications such as USA Today, giving global recognition for my works.

My abilities range far beyond the traditional designer’s creative scope and allow me to excel at management, business development, product strategy and more. Always detail-oriented and methodical in my creative approach, I work magic at translating visions and strategic messages into elegant and provocative creative pieces.

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